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Fredericksburg: 540.735.9350

Impaired Professionals Rehabilitation Program

A program designed to assist impaired medical professionals with both short and long-term treatment goals.

The FCCR medical and clinical staff offers comprehensive services to meet the needs of impaired professionals. FCCR psychiatrists will be able to follow clients on an ongoing basis once the initial addictions treatment is completed. Clients at FCCR will be able to see the FCCR psychiatrist within one week of discharge from inpatient treatment. FCCR staff will work with the Virginia Health Professions Intervention Program. We offer long term support groups that will assist clients in their plans for returning to work and resolving issues with their medical licenses. FCCR offers family support groups to assist clients in resolving family issues that may arise as a result of the chemical dependency. Families are invited to play an active role in the FCCR Intensive Outpatient Program. FCCR Intensive Outpatient Groups meet three times per week for eight weeks. The Aftercare groups meet once a week for twelve weeks.

Martin Buxton, Ph.D., MD A.S.A.M. is Medical Director of the FCCR Southlake office and is available by appointment to impaired professionals in the FCCR program.

Jeff M. Sommers MD is Board Certified in Addictions and is available by appointment to impaired professionals in the FCCR program.

W. Ronald Gaertner MD is Board Certified in Addiction treatment and is available by appointment to impaired professionals in the FCCR program.

Mark O’shea, LCSW facilitates a long-term therapy group for impaired professionals.

Our Recovery Centers

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FCCR Rehabilitation Center Midlothian VA

905 C Southlake Blvd
Richmond, VA, 23236
Phone: (804) 419-0492

FCCR Rehabilitation Center Richmond VA

4906 Radford Ave
Richmond, VA, 23230
Phone: (804) 354-1996

FCCR Rehabilitation Center Fredericksburg VA

11720 Main Street #108
Fredericksburg, VA, 22408
Phone: (540) 735-9350