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Family Treatment Options

We offer a range of services for the families of chemically dependent clients.

We believe that the disease of addiction impacts the family as well as the client. Full recovery for the family system is one of the gifts offered by treatment and ongoing support groups. Therapists at FCCR will help each family member focus on their own recovery needs while they work to support the addicted client.

The following treatment options are available to family members of chemically dependent clients: 

• Multi-family groups for clients and family members
• Family groups for family members
• Intervention and Assessment Groups to begin the recovery process
• Formal Intervention planning to assist families with motivating the chemically dependent person to seek treatment
• Individual therapy
• Family therapy sessions

Intervening on active addiction can be a difficult process for families

We have found that the preparation process for an intervention can be a valuable and rewarding time for family members. Interventions do not always need to be a long or expensive process. The staff at FCCR will work with families and friends to help motivate the addicted person towards recovery. Family members or friends of persons suffering from the disease of addiction may participate in a weekly group to learn about addiction and recovery. The group provides a vehicle to enhance their ability to communicate and solve problems. Family members with patients in the IOP will also attend a multi-family group with the patient.

Please contact The Family Counseling Center for Recovery for further information about these services. Family treatment and interventions are covered by most major insurance companies.

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