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Ambulatory Detoxification

Medical detoxification is sometimes required for safe withdrawal from alcohol and other chemicals.

Ambulatory Detoxification – Alcohol

This is usually possible on an outpatient basis with close monitoring by the FCCR medical staff. Clients will be on site for six hours per day. They will attend individual and group therapy, attend AA/NA meetings, and develop a safety plan to remain abstinent while completing the detox process. Outpatient detoxification provides a less intrusive process for clients and is less disruptive to their families. Family involvement is encouraged. We work closely with local hospitals and can arrange for inpatient admission if required. Alcohol Detoxification can usually be completed in 3-5 days allowing the client to return home to their families each evening. FCCR physicians and nursing staff will provide safe, non-addictive medications to assist with alcohol withdrawal symptoms and prevent medical complications. We work closely with local hospitals in the event that inpatient care is required.

Buprenorphine/Methadone Detoxification 
An intensive program of medication and daily medical monitoring is combined with education, group and individual treatment. The program provides safe, effective options for withdrawing from heroin or other opiates. Clients will initially receive six hours of ambulatory detoxification each day to stabilize and adjust medications. Following this stabilization, clients will receive medication and a nursing evaluation each day. Clients will be in group therapy with intensive case management to assist them with the difficult task of detoxing from opiates. Groups will focus on developing coping skills to deal with symptoms of withdrawal, stress management, time management, controlling cravings and the development of an outside support system. Clients will be monitored by the staff psychiatrist and provided with non-addictive medications to assist in the withdrawal process. Auricular acupuncture is available daily to assist with withdrawal symptoms.

Methadone/Buprenorphine Maintenance –
For some Opiate dependent clients a longer-term program of stabilization on medication is necessary. The FCCR staff will work with each client on an individual basis to establish the best treatment plan. All clients receiving Methadone or Buprenprphine will participate actively in the decision of how long the medication should be administered. FCCR medical staff will work to ensure that clients are receiving the correct dose of medication. Methadone Maintenance can be an option for clients who have struggled with detoxification in the past. For many clients the structure of a program and freedom from daily craving will allow them to build peaceful and productive lives. FCCR groups are designed to help clients repair the damage from active addiction and develop the skills required to build a new life.

Medical Detox and Rehab

Some people choose to detox on their own. This is not only harder, but also more dangerous than detoxing with a doctor. Medical detox is the best way to get sober in a safe, comfortable environment. For those addicted to alcohol or benzos, medical detox is a must..

A supervised detox can alleviate health issues. Physicians track the patient’s heart rate, temperature, breathing rate and fluid levels. Physicians help relieve any discomfort the patient may be feeling. They also adjust any medication doses according to the patient’s needs and make long-term plans for medication.

Those with separate health issues should also seek medical detox. Withdrawals can complicate problems like high blood pressure. A physician can prevent any issues.

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