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Assessment & Intervention

Our process of addiction interventions

Clinical staff will evaluate an individual’s substance abuse treatment needs and provide a preliminary treatment plan.

Adult Addiction Intervention Group

The Family Counseling Center offers a three-week intervention group (meeting once a week) designed to provide the support people need to make a realistic assessment of their current use of drugs and alcohol. Family involvement in this group is encouraged as it provides family members with a common language and tools for dealing with a problem that can otherwise cause division within the family system. Family members who attend this group without the identified client can follow up this group with individual therapists to develop formal intervention plans. SASSI testing available to assist in an accurate diagnosis.

Adolescent Intervention Group

Adolescents who abuse substances but do not meet criteria for a diagnosis of chemical dependency will be encouraged to participate in the Intervention group for adolescents and their families. Family attendance is required. This addiction intervention group is designed to prevent an adolescent’s experimental use from progressing to active addiction. This group will meet once a week for eight weeks. Adolescents who are unable to remain abstinent may be referred to the Adolescent IOP. The education and coping skills addressed in this addiction intervention group can serve as a valuable adjunct to individual and family therapy.

The Assessment and Addiction Intervention Groups are designed to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase insight into the impact of substance abuse in a client’s life
  • Lower defenses that prevent this awareness
  • Decrease tension around substance abuse in a family system
  • Increase communication within a family
  • Provide accurate information about substance abuse
  • Decrease stigma sometimes attached to substance abuse
  • Complete and Review of the SASSI testing process
  • Development of a clear plan if substance abuse remains problematic

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